About Us

True North power boats, Newport, RI.

Our mission is clear.

We support our True North owners as they enjoy their yachting lifestyle and we’re proud to be the source of a product that will last for generations to come. The sea demands that a builder develop a culture of continuous improvement. Timeless designs are the culmination of years on the water, innovative systems, and a design and engineering team made up of true boaters who understand the meaning of performance. True North is built in Warren, RI, in our 250,000 sq.ft. facility. Our facility has a long heritage of designing and building innovative sail and power vessels for the recreational boating market.

True North is a division of USWatercraft. With more than 30 years as one of the premier yacht builders in the United States, USWatercraft is a leader in resin infusion technology. This construction method results in lighter, stronger hulls. USWatercraft also manufactures Alerion Yachts, C&C Yachts, North Rip Boats, and Carolina Cockpits and is the licensed US builder of the J/22, J/24, J80, J/105, Farr 30, and Farr 40. Our service arm is known as Waterline Systems.

True North Yachts is locatednear the waters of Narragansett Bay. Prospective buyers are invited to visit and inspect our facilities, and see our New England master craftsmen at work. All our boats are made in America.



Innovation and versatility make True North one of the most talked about and exciting yachts afloat. The lines are classic from bow to stern. The plumb bow carries you safely and easily through rough seas as others run for port. The reverse transom is stunning! You can easily slip away for evenings, long weekends, and extended cruises on all of our True North models.

Each True North is designed to enhance your enjoyment as you spend time on the water with family and friends. The galley’s up to keep the hosts in the middle of the party. And each model, including the TN50 and the TN34 Outboard Express, can be run by a single person thanks to  excellent visibility, easy access to the docks or the water, single level decks, and propulsion systems that make in-port maneuverability a breeze.

On the TN38 and TN50, the transom doors open wide and the roomy cockpit becomes a spectacular teak “beach.” The retractable swim ladder deploys from the water after your refreshing morning swim. The cockpit transitions into an alfresco dining space to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner a snap. True North’s unique hull design provides a stable cockpit and wide side-decks allow you to move around safely, whether going forward to relax on the sun pads or to retrieve stand up paddle boards or kayaks from the top of the pilothouse.

We design each boat to meet your individual needs. The forward master stateroom provides room to relax, with a large head with a separate shower on some models, and a centerline queen berth that is accessible on three sides on the TN38 and TN50. Although the standard features are comprehensive, factory options are available, allowing owners to tailor a boat to individual tastes and requirements.

Reasons to buy a True North

Style: “Classic design elements”

 Graceful shear

 Reverse transom.

 Simplicity

 Classic Down East design

Utility: “Versatile”

 Day / weekend or coastal cruising

 Fishing, kayaking, scuba diving, cocktail cruises

 Transom doors open wide

 Large cockpit

 Wide side decks

 Galley up pilothouse

 Convertible dinette to additional queen size berth

Value: “Smart choice”

 Quality components

 Resin-infused construction

 “Always Thinking” improvements and layout

Performance: “Substantial feeling under your feet”

 Designed for comfort and safety

 Plumb bow enters the seaway with more buoyancy- sooner

 Beam greatest forward of amid-ships

 Tapered aft section and tumble home

 Semi-displacement hull design is very stable

 Skeg and flat aft section

 Single engine efficiencies

 Bow thruster and ease of operations

Safety: “Seaworthy”

 Historically proven safe and seaworthy design

 Strength in the hull and pilothouse

 ABYC compliant / standards for construction

 Complies with U.S.C.G approved safety requirements


Up for Anything

TN34 idea

Exploration and adventure require a safe, speedy and capable yacht that makes getting there as nice as being there. True North builds smooth-running and fuel-efficient yachts, to let you both experience and preserve the environment we all love. We  omit external woodwork that requires time-out for maintenance. There’s room for canoes and kayaks on the pilothouse roof, a dinghy in the cockpit; so take your toys along, enjoy the ride, and savor the experience.


Cruising Dreams


Our easily driven hulls let you reach more distant shores not only in less time and in greater comfort, but without as much time waiting at fuel docks. Shallow draft allows you to explore waters others cannot navigate, to enjoy anchorages far from the crowds. A comfortable layout with all the amenities and places for all your gear make your time afloat more enjoyable. We’ve wrapped all this in a yacht of distinctive design: a touch of history and timeless tradition in an all-over modern appearance which fosters an obvious pride of ownership.

Design & Engineering

True North power boats, Newport, RI.

True North yachts are hand-built by USWatercraft. True North benefits from a half-century of expertise, engineering, boatbuilding strength and distinguished reputation not just for building boats but building enduring relationships with our customers, based on product quality and customer service.

An Overview of the Resin-Infusion Process
SCRIMP™ (an acronym which stands for Seemann Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process) is a resin transfer molding process that uses a vacuum to pull liquid resin into a dry lay-up and is used for making very high quality, repeatable composite parts with almost zero VOC emissions. SCRIMP™ technology was invented by Bill Seemann, as a means to meet the demanding requirements of projects for the U.S. Navy. Our build process began as SCRIMP and has evolved and improved over time. (For more information and diagrams: please click here Scrimp Process )