True North 34 Interior Liner

Interior liner mold for the True North 34.

Photo 1

If you’re visiting this article from our email newsletter, we asked you to identify the part shown in photo 2. The answer? It’s the interior liner for a True North 34 Outboard Express.

All True North Yachts are built using our resin-infusion process. This includes the hulls and many of the component parts, like the interior liner. Following is a brief description of the construction sequence for this particular part.

With the liner mold oriented upside-down, the mold surface is treated with a special release agent (photo 1).

The interior liner mold with core material in place.

Photo 2

Next, gel coat is sprayed onto the mold. Then, layers of fiberglass and core materials are added following a precise “recipe” created by our engineers; this layering is referred to as the “laminate stack” (photo 2). On top of this, a “flow medium” (to serve as conduit for resin flow) and vacuum bag (to create an air-tight seal) are positioned.  Once all layers are in place, the laminate stack is infused (photo 3).

When the resin and laminate stack are fully cured, the part is removed from the mold, much like one would remove a Bundt cake from its baking pan (photo 4). Following some trimming and clean up, the interior is then glued into the hull.

True North interior liner being prepared for infusion.

Photo 3

In photo 4, we’re looking into the interior from the transom – the first area you see is the floor of the aft cockpit. The two recessed areas in the floor will be cut out, providing access to the enormous storage areas under the cockpit floor. (The hatch doors are being made separately.) The galley and helm seat will be installed forward of these openings along the starboard side. The flat, vertical surface on the port side will have a door installed for more storage.

You can find a more detailed overview of the full resin-infusion process on the USWatercraft website. USWatercraft is the builder of True North Yachts.

True North interior liner removed from the mold.

Photo 4

If you build a True North Yacht with us, you are welcome to visit the factory and experience each stage in the construction process. It’s a great way to learn more about your boat and its systems.

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